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"We needed someone who would get us."

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“We needed someone who would "get" us. That person was Kierstin.”

Kierstin is the best and I'm not kidding when I say we could not possibly have had our wedding without her We were nervous about picking a planner because we knew we weren't going to have a cookie cutter wedding and we needed someone who would "get" us. That person was Kierstin. When we first met her, she was clearly intrigued, rather than put off, by our desire to do things a little bit differently; moreover, she was funny, calm, and relaxed, and offered really thoughtful responses to our questions. I also appreciated that she takes on, at most, one wedding per month, which meant she actually had time for us. When I felt lonely and overwhelmed because I was planning without, she was sensitive and reassuring. When I reached decision overload and told her I truly didn't care which wine glass we rented, she stepped in and picked one. In other words, she can not only handle anything, but she can handle it with grace, kindness, and a gentle sense of humor. She can also connect you to incredible vendors, roll with unusual requests, and, perhaps most importantly, remain calm, organized, and grounded even when you feel like everything is crazy, which is how I felt for most of the time I was planning the wedding. As for our wedding itself, it was just... perfect. I'm sure something must have gone wrong somewhere along the way, but I have no idea what it was; we basically just showed up and the day unfolded around us. I don't think it could possibly have gone more smoothly. We both feel incredibly lucky to have had Kierstin helping us have the best day of our lives. She is so, so special and, yes, lovely. Thank you, Kierstin! We love you. - Elizabeth A.

"As for our wedding itself, it was just... perfect."