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We are award winning event planners and stylists in the heart of Austin, Texas.


We are professional and creative planners who specialize in planning sophisticated, fun, and highly personal celebrations for our busy and modern clients. 

You! We are adept at understanding our clients needs and vision and care about your planning experience as much as your wedding day! 

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In a few words, we give you one of the best days of your life, all while saving your sanity in the process!

From Full Planning to the day of, you'll have an easy to manage step by step process that will keep you organized and on track without feeling overwhelmed.


You will be relaxed, informed and have a fun planning experience! You'll  avoid stress, wasted time and costly rookie mistakes!

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You can rest assured that "we've got this" and "we get you".  You'll have a team who you can trust, will keep you organized, and informed. We strive to be the best at what we do. We create successful events through an environment of organization, transparency, trust, reliability and expertise. 

Calm in the storm

You’ll always feel comfortable asking questions, saying no to an idea or sharing a worry. You will have an advocate in your corner and someone who understands you. 



You will feel like the only client we have. We only take on 1-2 events a month to best serve our clients and to invest the necessary time it takes to have a successful event. 



You will have the wedding that is personal and right for you. We focus on touches that make the event feel personal to you as a couple and not on traditions that aren't a good fit. 



You will have a planning partner who will help you keep you feet on the ground, and a planning experience where the most important aspect of your wedding is the love and commitment you are sharing.  


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We love to think outside the box and use inspiration from art, travel, our clients personality, tastes and experiences. 

We create unique, one of kind events that are beautiful, deeply personal and meaningful. 


Like what you see? Check out our portfolio for more inspiration!  

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Are you interested in working with Lovely Day or want a bit more info? 

Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you shortly with more details about our process, rates, and availability. 


Drop us a line! We would love to hear from you! 

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"I was trying to plan a wedding in Austin while living in NYC and after a long and unsuccessful search for a wedding venue, I was lucky to find Kierstin with Lovely Day events. She was incredibly organized, calm, and excited to figure out what my fiance and I wanted for our wedding. She has a four phase system in place to keep couples on track while planning but also to keep the process from being too overwhelming.  We were almost finished with planning and then the COVID pandemic hit and we had to postpone our wedding. She worked through all the changes we had to make, the re-negotiation of contracts with our vendors, and re-configuring our wedding to be safe during the pandemic. She did all of it with such grace and ease that despite everything we were able to plan a more beautiful wedding than I could have ever imagined. My now husband and I have told her many times, we never would have been able to have such a beautiful wedding with our family and close friends if it hadn't been for all her work! Kierstin was absolutely wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone planning a wedding in Austin."

Megan P.