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Are Wedding Favors Necessary?

To favor or not to favor... that is the question. So here is the inside scoop!

We have a hard time getting your guests to take your carefully wrapped treats or koozies with your wedding date on them. We even try to pass them out at the end of the evening and you would think we were passing out parking tickets!

Here's the thing, your guests just fine without koozies, magnets, coasters, or to-go treats. It's a lovely and nice gesture but your guests will appreciate you providing excellent food and a nicely stocked bar even more! So unless you want a box full of mugs, coasters, and jars of salsa to deal with at the end of your wedding, we advise to save you money and not purchase favors!

If you feel the need to order favors for your guests, order half the amount of your guest count. That way, we don't have a bunch of favors leftover at the end of the night. Plus, we can make the most of your budget by reallocating some of the money meant for favors to other things, like your floral, decor, or your "nice-to-haves," like a lounge furniture setup!

About Lovely Day Events

Lovely Day Events is a full service wedding planner based in the heart of Austin, Texas.

We are a team of creative and professional wedding planners, who specialize in planning sophisticated, fun, and highly personal celebrations for our busy and modern clients.

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