We are creative thinkers and award-winning planners who are passionate about giving our clients an enjoyable planning experience and an unforgettable wedding day. With over ten years of experience producing events, we create bespoke, joyful, and seamless weddings. 





At Lovely Day, we work with a limited number of clients each year (10-12) per planner in order to give our clients the individual time and attention needed to create a stress-free planning experience and highly curated event. 




The majority of our clients are busy professionals and often live out of town, and as such, planning a large event can easily become unmanageable. We delight in saving our clients time (and a few headaches) by simplifying and organizing the planning process into a manageable and fun experience. 

We give our clients peace of mind by providing professional experience, resources, and guidance throughout the planning process. Our vendors are carefully curated and thoughtfully referred to you in order to meet your requirements so you have the best vendor team possible team on your wedding day.




With a background in fine arts and production, we bring uncommon creativity and inspiration to every wedding and love to think outside the box. We help to coordinate all the little tiny details while remaining true to the overall big picture for your day. We bring together all your vendors, day-of logistics, and all your design elements and meld them into a cohesive overall vision and seamless event. 




Weddings can at times become emotionally stressful! All the decisions, well-meaning advice, and family dynamics can be overwhelming. 


We are compassionate problem solvers, we care for and advocate for our clients. We provide etiquette advice and can help to spearhead any issues on the day of the wedding. 




It is a pleasure and honor to help our clients plan meaningful and joyful events! 


Contact us, we would love to hear from you!