There is a lot of misinformation and confusion about the terms "Day of Coordination", "Month of Coordination" and "Event Management". To be honest, I've had the same package with all three names at one point, but finally settled on "Event Management". I'll explain why!

We re-named the "Day of Coordination" package to "Event Management" seeing that there are more hours spent prepping for a successful event prior to the wedding than the 10 hours or more worked on the actual wedding day. The day of the wedding we are indeed event managers and coordinate a seamless chaos-free wedding day because we have taken the time prior to the day of your wedding to review your planning with a professional eye.

In order to set you up for a successful well run event, we start at least around 6-8 weeks in advance. We take time reviewing all your planning, read through your contracts with a fine tooth comb, create a timeline with good flow, reach out to all your vendors to confirm details and logistics, have a walkthrough with your vendors at the venue around 6-4 weeks out, create floor plans, rain plans, guide you through any last minute changes and make sure there are no holes in your planning. There are at least 20-30 hours worked pre wedding and this begins more than a month out, so you see even the "Month of Coordination" package is not the best description.

Finally, there really isn't a "Day of Coordination" service. A professional coordinator who knows what it takes to have an event run smoothly would not show up on the day of a wedding and run someone else's timeline and details. There are too many moving parts and too many things to go wrong during an event. You do not want to pass the reigns off a few days before the wedding and hope all goes well. If a planner does sell that, WATCH OUT!

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Weddings are expensive! We understand that and know whatever your budget is you’ll want to receive the best value for your money. As coordinators, we are conscientious about costs and do not believe that higher budgets create more meaningful experiences.

As planners we are your advocates and will guide you to make wise and cost conscious choices, and at times we are even able to off set our own costs! We will also be transparent with you when we feel you are cutting costs in ways that may impact the overall quality of your event and cost you more money in the long run.

Here the main ways in which we as planners are able to help you stick to your budget ...

  • We save you countless hours of research, emails, phone calls and work. Time is money after all! Are you working full time? If you do not have a planner, you’ll be working on your wedding during your business hours AND after hours.

  • We know the Austin market and what things cost and will help you budget accordingly prior to booking any vendors. We know what you will most likely be able to spend per vendor and therefore can create a realistic budget and also help you prioritize expenses. We will get an idea of what wedding elements are important to you, and where you should invest and get more "bang for your buck".

  • We will connect you to professional and talented vendors that meet your needs within your price range.

  • Planning mistakes and inexperienced decisions can be costly. We know exactly what to watch out for. For instance, the less expensive venue you are looking at booking may end up costing you more money in the long run since you will have to light the entire area and pay for extra hours to set up.

  • We will make recommendations on any changes that can bring the cost down without affecting the overall quality of your event.

We are sometimes asked if we can help negotiate vendor rates on our client's behalf. I believe this idea comes from wedding blogs and the like offering tips and tricks for asking for discounted rates or upgraded services with vendors.

First let me clarify that we do have discussions with vendors regarding your needs and budget and work towards a contract that meets your requirements. What we do not do however, is negotiate for discounted rates. Despite the amount of blogs on this subject, (I think people are looking for copy to fill editorials). This really isn't customary within this industry (unlike auto dealerships) and leads to awkward conversations between you and your potential vendors.

Consider the scenario of going into a local restaurant and saying "I really like the look of your steak, I know it says the cost is $20 but I have only budgeted $15 to spend on dinner. If I eat at your restaurant will you offer me a discount or perhaps throw in a free dessert?"

If a vendor ends up giving you a discount, this can have a very negative impact on the overall quality of your event for the following reasons.

  • Vendors have carefully priced their services based on market value, their experience, hours, labor, supplies and overall cost of running their business. If you approach a vendor and ask for a discount it communicates that you do not feel that their services, talent and time are worth what they are charging. You as the client are clearly just trying to save money, however, you are asking your vendor to take a pay cut. Imagine that your boss came to you and said “We would like you to do the same amount of work next year for for 20% less than you earned this year". You would most likely try to find another job and would not likely be as invested in your work after that. The same applies to your vendors.

  • You will have a harder time finding good vendors. If a vendor has a choice between working with a client who will pay them fully for their time and talents and one who wants a discount, you can imagine who they will want to work with.

  • If for some reason the vendor ends up giving you a discount you most likely will not receive the same service for a lower price, you'll instead receive reduced service. For instance if your photographer is $4k for 8 hours, and he/she gave you a discount of $400, you won’t receive $4k and 8 hours worth of service. You’ll receive 8 hours on the day of and $3600 worth of service somehow because that is what you paid for! This may not be a conscience choice, but it happens.

  • It's demoralizing to feel as if you are not being paid fully for your time and services. You don't want pushback from your vendors because they feel as if you have tapped them out. You want a vendor team that is energized and enthusiastic about your wedding day! I’ve even seen photographers stay longer than contracted for and bakers bake extra layers for sweet brides. Vendors who are paid what they are worth and feel valued perform the best. It’s human nature!

How then do we work with vendors in regards to pricing? First we set a per budget category then approach vendors that fit your budget and needs. If you you have a $4000 floral budget max, we won't refer you to the florist you saw on Instagram that has a $10,000 minimum.

If your budget and desires don't line up, we will work with you to achieve something you are happy with or making needed budget changes. If you have a $2500k floral budget and want to replicate the florals at Harry and Meghan's wedding then we will have a discussion about increasing your budget or creating the essence of what you are going for in a more affordable way. Of course that's a complete exaggeration but the point being we want you to be knowledgeable prior to reaching out to vendors about what to expect in regards to pricing.

If a vendor offers special rates or discounts to sweeten the deal, say early booking or seasonal rates, then by all means take them up on it!

Lastly, while wedding planners may receive certain discounts for our clients here or there, we do not sell our value based on how many discounts we have. We price our services based on our experience, knowledge, time and labor. Our value is derived from the time and stress we save you and professional guidance we offer throughout your planning process.

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

To favor or not to favor... that is the question. So here is the inside scoop, we have a hard time getting your guests to take your carefully wrapped treats or koozies with your wedding date on them. We even try to pass them out at the end of the evening and you would think we were passing out parking tickets! Here's the thing, your guests just fine without koozies, magnets, coasters, or to go treats. It's a lovely and nice gesture but your guests will appreciate you providing excellent food and a nicely stocked bar even more! So unless you want a box full of mugs, coasters, and jars of salsa to deal with at the end of your wedding, we advise to save you money and not purchase favors! If you feel the need to order favors for your guests, order half the amount of your guest count.